JUSQU’AU 18/10/2021

Anima Mundi

The wild abbey… in memoriam pater Guillaume de batz, a fictional character who, from 1160 onwards, shaped the abbey of Le Thoronet in the work “les pierres sauvages” by Fernand Pouillon, architect and magnificent scoundrel…

From this allegory in praise of the built work, which borders on mystical legend, was born a world abbey, whose mineral, hard, smooth, tenacious and perfectly interlocking reality leaves us agnostic surveyors with only our cracked souls as our only consented cracks.

Echoing this subterfuge of enlightened Cistercian masons, Anne and Patrick Poirier’s installations remind us that in the memory of the tamed stones the soul of the world (Anima Mundi) is continuously reasoning, just as there is a memory of painful extraction, a persistence of the songs of men despite everything, as well as a commitment to the future of our own people, which the polishing of past and future centuries will not be able to annihilate… provided that we remember that we are more of a ferryman than a passenger.

Installations by Anne and Patrick Poirier at Le Thoronet Abbey until 18 October 2021