208, rue Saint-Maur
75010 Paris

Architecture, project management, assistance to the contracting authority or delegated contracting authority, architectural programming, real estate strategy, interior architecture & design, France & International

Listen, analyze, draw, quantify, guide, prepare, demolish without prejudice, rebuild without weakening, build or embellish then deliver, end of the story. For all and for you, for a closet or a palace, in cardboard or in solid wood, under the wind or in tough conditions, with few pennies or without limits, in foreign language or familiar one, we adapt or … we go fishing. For Mr. Smith or the Queen of Sheba, for LVMH or John Doe, for individuals in need or millionaires in business, no delays, no specials privileges, no judgments. We are hitmen for your goals, we are there at dawn and we watch your back, with style, for the sight, the game and the engagement. We are one, two or ten, depending on, all for one, for the project that suits you. We are as discreet as a grave in the bottom of a safe in Switzerland or as persuasive as a Dumas on duty of justice, no chapels, no colors, it’s up to you, according to the contract and you decide with us. We unravel small or large, from the particular to the general, from furniture to real estate, galore ideas, the technique to claim, the knowledge to share, the experience for fighting, we are wise, we are young or in between, we are good, we believe in it … The rest is empty rethoric.

Stéphane Dieudonné, founder et director
2007 : creation of Mil Architecture Studio
2000 : dplg architect, diploma of the school of architecture of Paris Belleville -UP8

Collaborations :
2010-2014 : Extensive collaboration with Antonio Virga architecture firm as director of project managing department
2005-2010 : Partner, Asma architects studio, France & Asie

Expériences :
2006-2008 : Sénior project manager * in FCLP architects studio, France
2006 : Sénior project manager *  in Changement à vue, scénography studio, France
2005-2002 : Project manager * in Arodie Damian Architectures studio, France
2002-2001 : Project manager * in BE2I & COS studio (Ritz & Plaza Athénée), France
2000-1999 : Set designer assistant and first assistant decorator, Paris * NH2 Productions & CANAL+