Architecture, implementation & executive worksite management, management assistance to the contracting authority, architectural programming, real estate strategy, interior architecture & Design

Listen, analyze, draw, quantify, guide, prepare, demolish without prejudice, rebuild without weakening, build or embellish then deliver, end of the story. For all and for you, for a closet or a palace, in cardboard or in solid wood, under the wind or in tough conditions, with few pennies or without limits, in foreign language or familiar one, we adapt or … we go fishing. For Mr. Smith or the Queen of Sheba, for LVMH or John Doe, for individuals in need or millionaires in business, no delays, no specials privileges, no judgments. We are hitmen for your goals, we are there at dawn and we watch your back, with style, for the sight, the game and the engagement. We are one, two or ten, depending on, all for one, for the project that suits you. We are as discreet as a grave in the bottom of a safe in Switzerland or as persuasive as a Dumas on duty of justice, no chapels, no colors, it’s up to you, according to the contract and you decide with us. We unravel small or large, from the particular to the general, from furniture to real estate, galore ideas, the technique to claim, the knowledge to share, the experience for fighting, we are wise, we are young or in between, we are good, we believe in it … The rest is empty rethoric.




Stéphane Dieudonné, founder and director
2007: creation of Mil Architecture Studio
2000: dplg architect, School of Architecture, Paris Belleville, Paris.

Collaborations :
2010-2014: Senior project director, executive architect and design leader for Antonio Virga studio, Paris
2005-2010: Associate, Studio Asma Architects, France and Asia

Expériences :
2006-2008: project manager, FCLP architects studio, France
2006: project manager, Change à vue, scenography studio, France
2005-2002: project manager, Arodie Damian Architectures Studio, France
2002-2001: project manager, BE2I & COS studio (Ritz & Plaza Athénée), France
2000-1999: design leader, Studio Thomas Fourtane Architectes, France
2002-1998: 1st assistant design and production * NH2 Nicky Hoedjes Productions & CANAL+


Lisa Castagnino
DESA architect, special school of architecture, 2011.
Languages: French (mother tongue), English.


Yann Coléno,
Senior design leader and construction manager,
School of Architecture, Paris Belleville, Paris, 2005.
Languages: French (mother tongue), English.


Bojana Popovic,
architect, project manager
hmnop architect, graduated from IUAV University, Venice, Italy, 2005.
Languages: Croatian (mother tongue), French, English, Italian.


Marie Gobin,
DE Architect, Paris Versailles ENSAV, 2018.



Offices and real estate
Offices for the Dior perfume department, 465 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Dior open-plan offices, 485 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Dior women’s press fashion offices , 500 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
New office for Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director, 40 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Dior perfume dpt showroom, 55 m², Paris 8, parfum CD, Paris 8 ;
Dior press offices and showroom, 280 m², Paris 8, Dior, Paris 8 ;
New offices for the artistic direction department, 800 m², Paris 8, Dior (preliminary studies) ;
Dior héritage veranda, Paris 8, Dior ;
Workshop & showroom, 350 m², Paris 9, Atelier Vermont (preliminary studies);
Photo studio, 100 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Men’s couture workshop, 80 m², Paris 8, Dior;
Offices, workshops and storerooms for the preventive conservation department of the historic Dior Heritage collection, 900 m², Paris 8, Dior Héritage ;
New offices for the CEO and his assistants, 80 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Restructuring of Christian Dior’s historic mannequin cabin, 50 m², Paris 8, Dior (preliminary studies);
New office building, 550 m², Saint-Maur-des-fossés 94, EPE compagny;

New IKKS store, 240 m², Paris 15, IKKS group – in progress ;
New IKKS store, 100 m², Paris 6, IKKS group – in progress ;
New IKKS store, 67 m², Galeries Lafayette, Paris 9, IKKS group ;
Saint Laurent flagship R.D. design by Flavin Judd, 800 m², L.A., US, Kering – in progress ;
Saint Laurent flagship, design by Flavin Judd, 580 m², Paris 1er, kering – in progress ;
Boutique Repossi, 45 m², Dubai, UAE, Lvmh – in progress ;
Boutique Repossi, 30 m², Seoul, Korea, Lvmh – in progress ;
Shop in shop Balenciaga men’s shoes, 56 m², Galeries Lafayette, Paris 9, kering – in progress ;
Shop in shop Balenciaga women’s accessories, 120 m², Galeries Lafayette, Paris 9, kering ;
Boutique Arije x Piaget, 75 m², Paris 8, Richemont ;
Flaghip Balenciaga, 535 m², Cannes, kering ;
Boutique temp Balenciaga, 43 m², Saint-Tropez, kering ;
Boutique Canada Goose, 580 m², Paris 8, Canada Goose ;
Boutique Repossi, 85 m², Monaco, Lvmh ;
Boutique Lanvin h&f, 232 m², Monaco, Lanvin, kering ;
Boutique Balmain w & m, 596 m², Paris 1, Balmain, kering ;
Shop in shop women’s shoes area, Printemps, Paris 9, kering ;
Shop in shop women’s accessories area, Galeries Lafayette, Paris 9, kering ;
Shop in shop men’s RTW , Paris 9, Printemps, kering ;
Dior men’s boutique, 580 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Dior temporary men’s boutique, 171 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Dior eyewear boutique, 46 m², Paris 8, Dior ;
Shop in shop Balenciaga men’s Shoes & Accessories, Galeries Lafayette, Paris 9, kering ;
Shop in shop Balenciaga men’s Shoes & Accessories, Printemps, Paris 9, kering ;
Shop in shop RTW men & women, Galeries Lafayette , Paris 9, kering ;
Shop in shop men & women’ accesories area, La Samaritaine, Paris 9, kering ;
Dior men’s RTW Corners GL & Printemps, Paris 9, Dior ;

Hotels, spas & restaurants
Design and construction of the Bulle restaurant, mo privé, Clichy ;
Design and construction of the Charbon Rouge restaurant, rue Marbeuf, mo privé, Paris 8 ; Design of a 24-room resort hotel and spa, mo privé, Kep, Cambodia, in collaboration with Asma architects ;

Private housing
Renovation of a Phoenix house, Montigny-sur-Loing
Extension of a house, 120 m², Le Bourget 93 ;
Design Teva apartments, 40 BCE homes, private mo, Siem Reap, Cambodia, in collaboration with Asma architects ;
Refurbishment and extension of a house, private mo, Saint-Leu la Forêt ;
Restructuring and redevelopment of 2 Paris flats, private mo, Paris 18 ;
Extension for a second home, private mo, Chavres ;

in collaboration with Antonio Virga architects studio:

Offices and real estate
Pyramides offices, Paris 2, Ofi Reim group; Dior homme offices, showroom and studio, Paris 8, Dior ; Dior couture offices and press showroom, Paris 8, Dior ; Celine offices, Paris 02; Chloé offices and showroom, Paris 8, Chloé …

Concept store Citadium Caumartin, Paris 9, Printemps group ; Concept store Citadium, Marseille, Printemps group ; Competition for new Etam shop concept, Etam group ; Competition and development of Pablo shops, Paris, Gérard Darel group ; Design of CdC shops and corners, France & international, Fast Retailing group ; New See by Chloé furniture concept, France & international, See by Chloé ; Citadium Beaubourg concept store, Paris 2, Printemps group …

Design studies and call for tenders for a 92-bed youth hostel “le Chai”, 2200 m², Cahors, Communauté d’agglomération du grand Cahors (Greater Cahors urban community)

Office and private bathroom for CEO Dior, Paris 8; Concept Book Cdc, Fast Retailing group ; feasibility and design concept book boutique Céline



Judd Foundation
Aviva Real Estate
Galeries Lafayette
Fast retailing group
Fondation Hennessy
Cushman & Wakefields
Mr John & Miss Jane Doe
& vous



Cyril Ros * Studio Asma Architects, Paris, Phnom Penh, Tokyo *
Mahn Dung N’guyen * studio MAN architecte, Paris *
Pierre Charpin * designer, Paris*
Marianne Audap * architecte d’intérieur, Paris *
Jean Mathieu-Nastorg * architecte, Paris *
Amina Hatira * 3d designer, Paris  *
François Malburet * mfr architectes, Paris  *
Gwendal Hervé * studio Modal architecture, Paris, Rio *
Jean-Benoît Vétillard * studio jbv  * architecture & scénographie, Paris  *
A H A  * Conseil en communication, Paris  *
Vincent Hérault * studio vincent herault architecte *
Yann Coléno * designer, 3d designer et ébéniste *
David Joulin * atelier david joulin architectes, Paris *
Sophie Mallebranche * créatrice, Paris *
Antonio Di Bacco * atelier Barda *
Antoine Phelouzat * designer, Paris *
Greg Papagrigoriou & Simek * collectif blaqk, artistes, Athens *
Malika Favre * artiste, Londres *
Ugo Gattoni  * artiste, Paris  *
Caroline Morin * illustratrice et photographe, Paris  *
Olivier Helbert * photographe, Paris
chez bonnes frites  * illustrateurs, Paris *
Hiromura * sign & design, Tokyo *
Lionel Avignon * Hartland Villa, studio création visuelle, Paris  *
Thomas Fontaine * artiste, Paris *
Antoine Huot * photographe, Paris *
Juliette Gabolde * designer graphique, Paris *
Francisco José de Souto aka shiko aka derby blue * street artist, Joao Pessoa, Brasil
Sébastien Preschoux * artiste, Paris *
Peter Wegner * artiste, Los Angeles *
Martin jarrie * artiste, Paris *
Sirous Namazi * artiste, Stockholm  *
Sam Winston * artiste, London *
Gregor Graf * artiste, Linz *



BETélec *  bureau d’étude électricité
FGI concept * ingénierie techniques fluide et cvc
Bet réflexion * ingénierie techniques fluide et cvc
Capingelec * ingénierie et réalisation   *
Kee concept élec * bureau d’étude électricité
Btp-consultants * bureau de contôle et csps *
Etude Démo * études structures en bâtiment et diagnotiques techniques
Somete *  études structures en bâtiment et génie civil *
Scyna 4 *  ingénieurs conseils structure *
C-tek * ingénierie techniques *
Mécobat *  ingiénerie du bâtiment *
Etoile * concepteur lumière *